Coils & Glory 7 Day Moisture Retention Routine


Let's face it: we've all dealt with dry hair. Now, some of us may have already figured out how to keep our hair moisturized for a full week, while the rest of us are still struggling. When it comes to dealing with dry hair, you’ll need a consistent natural hair moisture retention routine that you can follow.

Recently, I came across the perfect routine that I felt would be perfect for my 4c hair. It was simple, didn't call for many products (of course I used Naptural Queen products) and it didn't have me in the bathroom for too long! I don't know about anyone else, but that is MAJOR for me...especially when you have a toddler and almost 8 month old.

This 7 day moisture retention routine created by Coils and Glory said it would help to ensure that my hair stayed soft in-between wash days....well it did just that!

Here’s what you’ll need
- Sulfate-free shampoo (Naptural Queen Nourishing Growth Shampoo)
- two deep conditioners (moisture and
protein based).... I used homemade conditioners for this
- a moisturizing Leave-in conditioner (Naptural Queen Grow and Glow Leave-in Conditioner)
-  shea butter or any oil such as sweet almond or jojoba
- glycerin
- head wrap
- spray bottle.
** used the Naptural Queen Detangling hair mist as a refresher throughout the week

The routine:

Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2: Deep condition

Step 3: Apply leave-in

Step 4: Style with 2 strand twists

Monday thru Friday:

Refresh by using your favorite leave-in conditioner, oil and water. (Used Naptural Queen Detangling hair mist). Spray lightly into hair every morning and evening (if needed)


Take down twists and finger detangle. Put hair back into a stretched style. Repeat the routine.



This simple 7-day plan definitely helps to keep your hair soft all week long so that breakage is minimized and you're able to grow your hair longer and softer!

Should we do a #hairgrowthchallenge for this? Who would join us? Let us know in the comments below!

I'll be sure to take pics next time :/


Happy Growing Queens!

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