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Established in 2018 in Hawaii, our products are formulated with natural ingredients for all hair types. We care about the chemical and toxin inundation that the average human being undergoes daily. We believe that a large part of our struggles with allergies, skin irritants, hair breakage, dry hair and hair loss is to a large extent as a result of the chemicals we come in contact with as we go about our daily activities. 

Unfortunately, the hair industry plays a large part in this chemical overload. Many hair products are produced by cocktails of chemicals in a bid to get the desired look, pattern and feel. We know this and have chosen to buck the trend. We choose to be different, to follow a path of higher resistance, the path of unmatched quality. Our products aim to provide easier and natural maintenance to your beloved hair without damaging their overall beauty. Let us not continue to be fooled. When we know better, we buy better. We enjoin you to be very careful and informed about the products you apply to your hair. 

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